3D Model Footlong-Sub-(Subway)5

Description: "Luscious Delight" is an exquisite 3D model NFT sculpted with utmost dedication, capturing the essence of a mouthwatering burger. This tantalizing masterpiece showcases a delectable stack of fresh, artisanal ingredients meticulously arranged between plush sesame seed buns. Glistening with savory juices, the succulent meat patty, crafted from premium pork, rests at the core, radiating irresistible aroma. Surrounding it, vibrant slices of tantalizing vegetables and a carefully drizzled signature sauce add a burst of color and taste. The expertly sculpted textures and intricate details bring this virtual burger to life, evoking an undeniable craving for a satisfying lunchtime experience. "Luscious Delight" serves as a testament to the culinary artistry and is a must-have for both art enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

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