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The 3D object I am describing is a basin with a sink and a sink faucet. The basin is a shallow bowl-shaped structure, typically made of ceramic or porcelain, designed to hold water. It has a wide base and a curved interior surface to efficiently contain liquids. Attached to the basin is a sink, which functions as a drainage system. It is typically made of stainless steel or porcelain and is crafted to fit seamlessly into the basin. The sink allows water to flow out of the basin, preventing overflow and facilitating easy drainage. Completing the functionality of this 3D object is the sink faucet. The faucet is a device that controls the flow of water in the basin. It is typically mounted above the sink and has a spout from which water can be directed into the basin. The faucet usually has separate handles or knobs for controlling the hot and cold water flow. In summary, this 3D object combines a basin, sink, and sink faucet to create a functional unit for containing and draining water.

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